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How it works

ICEPASS is a groundbreaking smart medical alert system. A simple tap with an NFC-enabled mobile device gives paramedics or other first responders access to your vital medical information and a unique way of alerting your designated emergency contacts.

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First Responders

To access an ICEPASS Member's emergency information, simply tap the ICEPASS device with an NFC-enabled mobile phone. Some ICEPASS devices, like the ICEPASS card and Safety Helmet ICEPASS, also have a number that you can use at the link below:

First Responders


Once you receive your ICEPASS you need to register it and create your Membership. You can have as many ICEPASS devices as you like. All your information is easy to edit and you can quickly cancel an ICEPASS should you lose it.

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Share your vital information In Case of Emergency


The ICEPASS Card is a card designed to be carried in a purse or wallet or in a holder on a lanyard. In the event of a medical or other emergency, a First Responder can access your emergency information (ICEPASS Profile) and alert your Emergency Contacts.

Once the First Responder has accessed your ICEPASS, they can send an alert to your Emergency Contacts. Your chosen Emergency Contacts will then receive an email which will show a map of where the ICEPASS was activated, the contact details and any message entered by the First Responder.